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Health Insurance has been called many things over the last few years: Obamacare, UNaffordable health care, Marketplace plans, to name a few.  South Wind Agency can help you navigate the on-going changes in the Healthcare Insurance Market.

What are my Healthcare Options?

You have a choice. You can choose to purchase health insurance from a carrier or through the government Healthcare Marketplace.  You can purchase short term plans, private exchange plans, or faith-based plans.  South Wind Agency has a variety of options available for you and it will not cost you extra to use our services to find the right plan. You may even save time and money from our expert advice.

How Do I choose a Healthcare Plan?

Start by thinking about your health needs. How often do you visit a doctor? What prescriptions do you take regularly? How frequent are your hospital, urgent care, or emergency room visits? How many people are in your family and what are their health needs? What kind of financial responsibilities is your household able to bare? There are many questions to consider and South Wind Agency can help you find a plan that directly addresses your needs.

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